CompanyZ Memo​.​z

by Jack of Co.Z

(free) 05:07


The CompanyZ Memo.z project is an open-ended ongoing mixtape used by Jack of Co.Z to provide updates on the CompanyZ and the world. Instrumentals curated by Digital Productions, vocals written and performed by Jack of Co.Z for CompanyZ.


released December 13, 2009

Lyrics, recording and mixing by J.Horkings




Jack of Co.Z Los Angeles, California

Jack of Co.Z is the rapper half of the Co.Z duo, set loose to wreak havoc with words. Some of Jack of Co.Z's work is on original instrumentals, much is mixtape style rap. Mixtape rap is usually more offensive, but ideally more honest. Not suitable for those unprepared, but everyone else should enjoy freely. Jack also produces as CompanyZ and is half of Jack The Ripper & The Mad Psyentist. ... more

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Track Name: Memo I: We've Been Busy
We've been busy, so I'll tell you how we're doing
Open up the door Co.Z trying to get a shoe in
Zoë on the grind, west side, while I'm holding down the east
But we still write rhymes, and I still drop beats

To the busy-ness, we are both itty bit double booked
Super souped for Christy-mass with hopes to spit a couple hooks
We've already written so that you can take another look
Thought you knew us from the cover, coming with another book

Judge us as a jury would, better read the pages though
Brains full of content, trying to spit amazing flow
So that you can play it and relate it to the main stream
'Till GW and Brown bump it on the main green

PC to UCSD and all between
This collegiate generation grows increasing supreme
As a candidate to reconfigure how the world turns
As the elders fight on medicare I watch the dollar burn

Seems harsh, but us kids'll learn from many mistakes
Vietnam, now Iraq, how many will it take?
Carry bombs on my back and by this I mean the guilt
Nagasaki, Hiroshima, we forget and they rebuilt

Asian hatred grew to bore the poor white devils so they switched
But of course we can still notice just a little bit of it
But the focus now is hatred for the arab middle east
Except of course for our Jewish friends in Israel, peace

Seriously though, give Palestine a break
Religion causing war we can not afford to take
The opium for the masses has the got their brains rotten
I'm all for rational thinking surpassing biblical knowledge

And I ain't trying hate, except on the hate it makes
If you'd like a penis in your butt, know what? I think thats great
More chicas on plate, wrap it up and don't get aids
And I'll never say 'no homo', because it's a stupid phrase

I ain't gotta prove I'm strait, ain't the reason I'm rich
So all I have to rap about is random bulllshit
Zoe brings me concepts, and I throw em back
And the label thinks we're wack 'cause I know I'm not black

But we do it for whoever will listen and enjoy
Unique and yet relatable with rhythm and with poise
And to all of you who hate the dude, I'm blind and can't see 
If you're real you should recognize Company Z

Digital Productions, Get Co.Z
Track Name: Memo II: Punchline Demo
Back for another memo Jack here to rap for the Company
Something like that iPhone app, get to bumping me
Keep it like Vans, off the wall, like we're Humpiddy
Dumpiddy, wild yet the style's never frumpiddy

Pumpernickel, dampfnudel, pita, rye and matsa
Yeah I know my bread, and I seem to have a lot, huh?
Wheat, yufka, zopf, naan, sourdough, tortilla, white
But it ain't the dough that makes me flow or gets Zoë to write

It's kind of like we need the mic, probably for our egos
We be dope, I won't take it back, no repo.
Peep it though, me and Z be Company, we teamed it up
Co.Z's so fly you could swear that Scotty beamed us up

Now we're on a star track, heading to the top spot
Say it twice, Co.Zs hot
Make you clap, you know who
Dibble dabble in our rap style we go boom

Digital on the beat. Like the temple of doom
Rip your heart out your chest when we step up in the room
Play our parts, stayin cool, sticking to the plan
Even when the shit hits you, the fans

Co.Z, mutherfucker why hate us?
Bye haters time for a time out; hiatus
Why play us? 'Cause we rock and roll like a vibrator
All up in your spot*, (*G), hydrating

Flow so dope we make Noah build boats
Get down like we're talking to that hobbit Bilbo
Flip frowns like we're switching up parentheses in texts
Chiddy check me flip and flap Jack flows, like a chef

Disrespect our fricken' tracks as if you could do better
Somethings shoved up your ass, I bet it's food, 'cause your fed up
But this crew ain't 'bout the cheddar, the feta, the mozzarella
Hitting dudes with cool tunes, yeah I Jack Frost a fella

Toss a fella like a salad if he's misconstruddled
Kitchen sink up in the ballads, the kit and fricking kaboodle
Read it back and sound it out, I admit I've been hard to follow
Use my head and make you feel like the rider in sleepy hollow

And this is just a mixtape, free up on the Facebook
C O dot Z come to leave the place shook
Immitate the rappers, add a bit of Jack,
Zoë, then a bit a baking soda, coke, and sell the crack

Smoking all these tracks, 'till my lungs turn black
I don't do it for the plaques, my dentist said that'd be wack
I do it for the rap, just a punchline demo
Then send it out for free, as a mixtape memo

Track Name: Memo III: In Code
I'm Co.Z, you don't know me, don't know Zoë
You don't owe me an explanation, and we don't owe thee
Oh we just gon' break it into that vernacular?
Alas, everything is just a code, but it's spectacular

I show it when I rap at ya, the code is just a medium
The words and beats and background noise and all thats in between of em
It's elementary, periodic theories
Yeah it's all just religion but I see it and I hear it

And it calms me, cause even if the haters harm me
I'm glad I'm not a plant and mutherfuckers don't farm me
And honestly, I'm glad we can make tunes
Co.Z, going to be blowing up like boom

Then we hit you like smack, lyrics something like a slap
Or a punch, or a bat, or a gat going blat
See a gat spits lead, I spit what's in my head
And that's a bunch of atoms, and will still be when I'm dead

And my lines live on, and my rhymes stand strong
As long, as something's remembering my songs
If what I say offends you, blame it on semantics
'Cause if I say I'm panicking I might not mean I'm frantic

If you don't understand it, then you just proved me right
My writing's full of antics, word coded delight
I switch them up and mean something before I hit the mic
But it might change when it hits your brain and that's alright

Yes I'm quite strange, but that's a value judgment 
It's relative, you hate it, but your girlfriend loves it
I'm telling ya. I made it, but we create it in Company
No fronting, you're creating me right now as you are bumping me

I know your brain is struggling, try to keep it up with me
Or down with me, if you decided that you are above of me
I'm still gonna be frowning if you say you aren't in love with me
Pain is still pain, ugly shit is still ugaly the matter
Think like me and you'll know eating atoms makes you fatter
Think like me and you'll decide if fatter could be better
Who should makes the rules? You. Go and do whatever

Physics might not let ya though, or might just make you deader
But you're the same matter after; atoms lost never
My idea of heaven is in what I leave behind
The memories, the arts, the influence, the rhymes

My body is a tool, my consciousness is Jack
Some call it a soul, some call it an act
Accuracy is relative, and everything is elements
And facts are only facts when repetition proves them relevant

And people go and memorize the data like we're elephants
So we can reference traits of animals just for the hell of it
And so that we can act in ways to help approach our goals
Some complain that life is wrong, I work with what I know

And then I play the system like a mutherfucking pro-
fessional, progressively I learn refine and grow
Now let's repeat the fact that everything is just a code
So stop complaining Oprah when the rappers say hoe

I'd rather be a smart bitch than a stupid lady
People call me Jack whether they love me or they hate me
We should hate the hate, not the tools bring it to you
Take away the guns, they'll find another way to wound you

It's all about making ideological majorities
I put in intricate meter so you stop ignoring me
I'm spitting shit that's leaving spoken poets getting slammed
I show it when I flow it so you know that I'm the man

And I ain't hating I'm just saying you playing me is the plan
Sound waves of opinion, for you to understand
How you see fit, and you don't need to see shit
You can judge it like a crit, others code it as a hit

You agree or disagree its fine with me, I'm chilling
Coming off of shrooms and coke, yeah I'm a villian
Use illegal substance, you know that they can hurt
But they can also show a new experience of earth

Nothing is unnatural, harm can be success
I try to not hurt others, I agree that it is best
To work together, love eachother, learn our different worlds
Collaborate and integrate (I'm talking to the girls)

Wink, no but no but no really though for real
I've only had like 20 years of research in the field
But life is pretty clear, it's clear that it's complex
Sometimes I feel the point of life is just to have sex

.....That's just science and society
The microcosm world of desire and anxiety
Sitting in my dorm room, 4 at night, alone
And I've been told it's wrong to not be bringing home

A pretty little something who implied they want to bone
So now I'm sitting quiet writing thinking of my phone
Who should I text, where should I be, and am I wrong?
I find a beat and I just writewritewrite another song

I escape into the worlds you are hearing of now
Of course I am the king, but in my kingdom no one bows
Unless they see it fit, and then yes I would allow
Even though we know it's silly like the tipping of the cows

I prefer to stand erect, and some woman they've agreed
See now's a week later, and I'm feeling like a steed
'Cause one I wanted to approach, she came up to me
The phenotype implied she had more confident of genes

Believe it being science doesn't mean it didn't gleam
Her mouth emits no light yet her smile still it beams
And this code here is much like that which moves her from her jeans
For me to let her ooze with much excitement at her seams

See_men–don't get excited if you think that you can use
The same lines that you hear in tunes to which you grove
The only reason these may seem to work is 'cause their true
Your body is a middle man for everything and you

Know it's coded, feel your wants and need, and nike
Just Do It, why do it just like me
Honest track, this is Jack, just writing 
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