The Ripping Point

by Jack of Co.Z

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The Ripping Point is a mixtape made by Jack of Co.Z in 2010 featuring original or parody lyrics and performance over popular song instrumentals.


released July 6, 2010

Album art, concept, lyrics, vocal performance, recording and mixing by Jack of Co.Z
Instrumentals produced by The Roots & Scott Storch, Terrace Martic, Lil' Jon & The East Side Boys, DJ Toomp, 10ft. Ganja Plant, DJ Premier, Scoop Deville, A-Plus, C-Style, Prime, Timbaland, Track Boyz, The Pack, Mannie Fresh, DJ Screw, Major Lazer, Lady Gaga, Needlz, J.Dilla, and CompanyZ Additional vocals by Zoë Chao, Butchie James, and Erykah Badu.




Jack of Co.Z Los Angeles, California

Jack of Co.Z is the rapper half of the Co.Z duo, set loose to wreak havoc with words. Some of Jack of Co.Z's work is on original instrumentals, much is mixtape style rap. Mixtape rap is usually more offensive, but ideally more honest. Not suitable for those unprepared, but everyone else should enjoy freely. Jack also produces as CompanyZ and is half of Jack The Ripper & The Mad Psyentist. ... more

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Track Name: Welcome...
Get Co.Z
Jack (The Ripper)

Welcome to The Ripping Point, roll it up and rip a joint
Jack the fucking ripper spit in deserts 'till the shit is moist
Y'all like "who that?" hear him coming with the right noise
This a new Jack (not another fucking white boy...)
Intro track: check a mic one two
Spit a bit of a disclaimer: when my flow blows through
That I might not by sounding like myself–not posing
Just not quite holding my usual composer
So if ya jaw drops I'ma say I told ya
My lyrics got dirty well shit I got older
And bitch I got bolder, my flow got flyer
Because I been rapping since Hov' retired
And now I'm on fire, addicted to the rhyming
Probably from listening to his shit all the time and
André from Outkast, Red Man and Mef
Erykah Badu, D.P. and Mos Def
Eminem, Ace, Lil Weez, and The Roots
Big Boi and 50, B.I.G., Busta, Snoop
Coming through me when I be up in the booth
Bitting shit is stupid, me, I'm just influenced
Diggidy Das EFX, Gods son, and Rakim
Zion I and Ludacris, but I am not them
More of a disciple, studying 2Pac, J Live
Big L, Devin the Dude, Clipse, Tip and Tribe
I'd have go on naming all these rappers for a while
To ever try to credit who influences my style
Keys, Lenny Kravitz, Davis, I'm playing em
Marley... Bob, Ziggy, Stephen, and Damian
Trying be Madonna, the next kinda Gaga
Teaming up with Zoë cheer us on like rara
(Who?) Co.Z, C O dot Z, Google it
Shit is free on facebook, we rock, and I'm proving it
(Who are you?) Bitch, don't you hear this shit?
Killing it on the microphone I made this so you're clear with it
508 287 2331
Text me if you feeling it, or trying get some beefing on
Me, I'm just rapping, and this is just a mixtape
Flow is so legit it be crazy to say the shits fake
But chill don't you be offended
Just 'cause I'm brining a lot of change like amendments
But fuck modesty, just for the moment
I'ma do what I want on this tape cause I own it
You didn't buy, I gave it out for free
The Ripping Point mutherfucker, welcome to Me...
Track Name: Burnt
Rolling up a mutherfucking blunt
Got a skunk on the sole of my dunks
And a stash on the tongues, full of that fire igniting 'em
Bic in the left one, piff in the right one
Bitch get to stepping, if you ain't  here to smoke
That shit that when you toke, yeah you damn near choke
Damn that's dope, throw a lil' coke on it
I'm gone now on that mutherfucking chronic
I'm Burnt, Burned, Charred, Sizzling
Tipping on too many drugs for me to tell the difference
Methylene dioxy methamphedamine I'm rolling
Swagger mean, cleanest crackah on the scene, I stroll in 
Like, "hold up bitch, who the fuck you think I am?"
Hottest honkey in the land, and won't be stopping 'till I'm laying
Six feet in the dirt, with my songs still playing
And I bet I'll still be burnt, like a ginger tryin' ta tan
Souless, flicking a bic at a steamroller
Middle of the campus with cops coming over
Fuck it, Im'a smash it right there at they feet
Light a blunt, blow an o and then peace
No rent-a-cop beef, but I tell 'em F T C P
Fuck the crooked police, and bureaucracy
Narc, oh you better stop it please
Get burnt, 'cause you don't know how hot this be
Best learn, yourself, a little bout Jack
Bet I dibble/dabble in whatever your bitch think is phat
And by now, she heard I rip a fucking track
Spitting lyrics delivering shivers quivering her back
And uh...yeah, I know she like that
I'm her dream, she's a fiend, I'm the pipe to her crack
Im'a light something fat, then she might think I'm wack
Why you getting high, Jack? I'm'trying to terrorize cats
Get it? Get it? "High jack", but I keep it fly after
You see tetrahydracannabinnol as disaster
I see it as natural, not cause it's a leaf
But because it's all molecular and elementary
I lay it all out on table, periodically
I say I stay burnt, but they say that I ain't outta be
But what is right relative, I ain't feeling wrong
'Cause loads of geniuses at Brown be passing me the bong
And if thats wrong I don't want to be right
You may groan but to me it's a delight and I think it's alright 
So I get burnt everynight, everyday, everytime in between and we see I still write
That tight-like-virgin-mary type lyrics that when you hear it steer us to go and sign the hype
C o . Z
Get an urn, mutherfucker, that's right
I ignite a mic on any day or night and leave a mutherfucker BURNT
Track Name: Good Evening
The ripping point, mutherfucker, good evening
Dick in ya bitch, she keeps coming without leaving
I hope me fucking her ain't coming in between ya
Shes leaking my your bed room, covered in my semen
You shoulda seen her, ride me like a bronco
Horny like a daemon, I hit it like a bongo
Played by guerillas in the congo, she screamed 
And then passed out, now she's responding like FEMA
Had her flooded, you could swear I broke a levee
You can doubt the dick but your pussy gon' believe me
Find me in the sciences library scheming
Eye fucking chicas 'till they dream bout my penis
Distract 'em from they reading, they keep looking up at me
Thinking that my dicks about small as I'm ugaly
Sound it out, Rachel found it out by rubbing me
While we were dancing to this song, isn't that loverly?
Sweet, wrote this went and got the beat
Poked the chick on facebook, now she'll be in my sheets
Squeaking. Had few dates this week and
I ain't talking mutherfucking meet and greets
I beat that harder than I speak on beats
Meaning that I'm better than I claim to be
What? That ain't even been deep slayed like this
Finish and they tell me they know why I say I'm the shit
They ain't even seen it, like I'm a mirage
Rock 'em like ford, ram 'em dodge
Knock 'em like doors, by a SWAT unit
Standing over me cause she dont have to sqat to it
Flip her over lay her there and I'ma do the moves
I'ma do the "uh"s she gon' do the "ooo"s
I'ma do the fucking, she gon' do the coming
Your hands on you own dick, she's thinking nothing of it
Burn, when you mutherfuckers gon learn?
Killing this beat, spit the fire, get the urn
Don't earn no pennies, I just do it for rhymes
Like Obama with the change, bet you seen with the dimes
In my mutherfucking prime and probably vaginas
I'm on my shit, like a bunch of fruit flies is
Quicker than my wit I'll have the chicks undressed
Then I lick on the clits and the tits on the breasts
Jack take a rest, my guy friends want me to stop
My girl friends listen sitting smiling wanting cock
Some think I'm just kidding they be like "oh, Jack"
But if I rapped about you here you know me better than that
You know the boy packing, you know the boy a ridah
And I don't mean gangstah, I mean when I'm inside ya
And when they meet another guy, they wanna come back
Shouldn't'a stopped, my cocks like been there, done that
I'm pussy plowing animal, g-spotting crackah
Hit em with the dick a bit and chicks swear the boy blacker
Plus the boy a rapper, his lips and tounge are vicious
Got 'em rubbing on my dick as if they'll get three wishes
Got ya misses, on my jock
Giving kisses, to my cock
They had a Facebook relationship last week
She wanted to know if they should break up, and asked me
Track Name: The Think I'm Biting
They think I'm biting, sounding like the white little Wayne
And I ain't just saying it trying to get paid
I already got paper, like a library
Go and chec k the books crackah so clever it's scary
Gun ya with my book of rhymes, biblio tech ya
Pat ya hoe then take her to the back yard and deck her
And I don't mean tackle, hoe you think I'm fishin?
Rod em like hillary then chum all over bitches
Realer than the roll of line, double paid like overtime
Flow and rhymes so devine show you even if you blind
Hoe you need to get in line, like some rollerblades
Without the semen in ya eyes, I don't know ya face
Any time any place, I'll show you're a discrace
I'll serve you like a tennis playin waiter with a plate
Eat it sucker no objections, don't fuck with anorexia
Throw it up like bulimics, if you sneeze well then I'll bless ya
They like "my God", and I answer bitch what
I don't mean sodomy, but I'll get your shit fucked
Wanna be mighty? Better make like a daffy and donald and duck
But I'm already going over your head, so you're in luck
Even though I am above, you still don't understand
So I assume you're kneeling, either blowin me preying
My shit is so fly, it's bound to hit the fan
Something like your daddy I'm the mutherfucking man
Or like oedipus like Jack said on Gripp's doing the most
I don't speak modest, I'm honest and fluent in boast
Rock the boat till it don't float, flow around you like a moat goes
Gloat cause it's greener on my side, like where a goat goes
Dope as op i um, I dont leave no hope for them
Not even in the unseen, like that book ron suskind wrote, and then
I show how to drop a flow for them, the pros I'm approaching em
Any want beef, treat em meat rap heat up on the beat and roast em
Toast em, the bread the is the beat, rhymes are the butter, flow is the heat
Melt that mutherfucking dead on wheat, rye or whatever kind it may be
High, space ships fly underneath
Devine, if I die, get rise outta me
Your bread is like matsa, blame it on the yeast
I got a lotsa, golden like the fleece
Ancient greece, well done smarty
Keeping up with me, hit up iparty
Once knew a hater, dated a hottie
Sparked his girl, cause she got naughty
Speed it up please, rappers are retarded
Flows so old, never get carded
Spooky clever, wittily haunted
Yeah it's adverb, check up on it
I see what you're mad for, you think I'm impostor
Well if I'm an actor, I should get an oscar
Switch up my voice, suddenly I lost ya
More complex than the carbs in your pasta
Major with modern culture and media
You're the consumer, this is me feeding ya
You think fast, well I think speedier
Pause my shit, hit up wikipedia
Big big money, but it ain't about that
It's all about the rhymes in the lines of the raps
Flow flow so cold that the quality is solid
Ta top of my game mutherfucker I'm on it
On it, like lips or like bagdag, bomb it
Drop shit, hot shit, stop it, they don't want
They can't handle my shit, they knock it like it's phoney
While their girlfriend plays jockey to my pony
Track Name: Chanting & Ranting (featuring Gripp)
It's all just the periodic table of the elements
In complicated ways that they were slated for development
Data interpreted by atoms that turned rational
I'm a case, the human race, I prove it when I'm asking you
If you think you're passive or you think you have an active
Contribution to the passage of that which we call time
If you're rolling, catch your traction, I believe in what is fact
And you believe in what is fact/in and we're really both fine
Selection that is natural says that if you can survive
You deserve to and to me the simplicity is devine
My God, physics'll blow ya mind
Literally and figuratively and it saved you if your fine
Yeah, now that's a mutherfucking idol
Simon can diss it, science gon dish it unrivaled
Gravity gon bring ya down down to ground
Waves flowing in the air gonna bring you this sound
No dissing till yo as listen I'm just preaching like your missions
If your Christian, if you're not then I'm preaching like rappers glisten
Meaning I can do it, why not? Get high, try pot?
Got some THC up in my mind, did I die? Nah
When I said faction, did you think a little group?
Or did you think contraction, fact or fiction, which is true? the lyrics; I mean do what you can do
Cause the only laws are physical, sorry boys in blue
But if you get caught, it's prolly cause they got a bigger crew
Can I live? I'd allow the same for you...
Accuracy is relative, we're all a bunch of elements
And facts are only facts when repetition proves them relevant
Hear me now, I bet your ear drums feel me now
These are my beliefs, I'm just making em familiar
You can think they're weak, and I prolly won't be killing you
I don't believe in hell, does that make me more willing to
Stab you in your temple and enjoy it like a villian does
Who says the iron in your blood should be inside of you
Everything is natural, even the unreal
I act for what I smell and what I see and what I feel
With most the world devote, I'm preaching a minority
And trying to convert you to create my own majority
Horribly horribly
Something like Satan, commence with your ignoring me
Track Name: So Rapper, So Co.Z
The names Jack, nobody rep ripping like me
I came to rap, play hitters came to listen me
What? You hit play, didn't ya, I glisten on beats
I got back to the point cause your missing it see
This album just flows and rhymes and sick beats
Though it's not sugarry diareah, the shits sweet
If you ever look at me you can see that the dude chillin
Yet still he has it locked like a building that rooves villans
And billions of rude prisoners too, I hold strong though
Ever with the riots inside me, I stay calm yo
I bring extended metaphores like they're similies
Nothing to me, I'm so rapper, so mc like energy
Well, the sqaure root, haters aint offending me
Cause if you hate I bet youre just too stupid to be getting me
I'm setting free my style, keep an eye out for Co.Z
Yo he so rapper, if you doubt it, you don't know me
Cause he so dapper, and he's so clever
Always individual I swagger Jack never
Roll around town in a big whatever
Your 9 11 cool but I'm on another level
So if you bought it, to show off, then roll out
Through a turbo in it I'll still pass you, no doubt
In a big wheeling rap bumping SUV
Tinted black windows, chromed out, back seat heat
Uggh if I didn't know me, I'd call me a rich bitch
But when in a rich community I'm still a misfit
Like to write rhymes so now I'm doing this shit
Crackah on the track scratch like he got an itch itch
Jack is so rapper, none alive can doubt it
I opened up my mouth and all these rhymes came out it
And I ain't got no time for dirty rap on my own beats
So I talk shit on yo beats until you know me
And no it aint fake like chezzy macaronni
Like weezy and hovi but also got my own steeze
Teamed up Zoë, you've seen us maybe
The teams called Co.Z, the themes going crazy
I just write these raps while I'm blazing
Mixtape flowing just to show the kids amazing
The Company we're really trying do for real
Start our own label give our damn self a deal
They be like, you think you're so rapper, guy stop it
I be like it, fuck it yo rap's a side project
So rapper, eat you like a lunchable
So Co.Z, hip hop comfortable
I'm glad to admit I am your man that is handy
Welcome to Jack 
Get Co.Z
Understand me?
Company ZoJa
That's the plan B
J & Z, with an umlaut over the E
Track Name: Mutherfucker, Get Co.Z
Mutherfucker get Co.Z
I stuck on the rap scene as if you suckers know me
The rhymes in my flows insinuate that hoes blow me
But we don't know him yet, so lemme break it down homie
Show these doubters what I be about
We have hit a ripping point, time to bring the beating out
Bleeding out your speakers now turn it up make it pound
Burning up a bit of green now back to the breaking down
I'm just here to spit flames, show I love the game style
Please don't hate the player, just cause you aint here spraying fire
Sparking like a flint and steel, you can hate it
I ain't trying to be the greatest, I just want to be in position where that could be debated
Check the mike like a jury did to jackson
When he allegedly had given kids a bit of action
And then I kill it like the romans did to Jesus
Stab it in the side, hang it up, and leave it bleeding
And you stupid shits are prolly gunna prey to it
Doubted first, quickly proved wrong when you play the shit
I torrent it, I 'll never buy my own stuff
Make a track with Zoë, go and take it if you want us
Get off of mine, haters, please get on your own nuts
My flow was childish but now we see the shit has grown up
Co.Z both young, thus the labels wanna own us
They know that both the fellas and ladies wanna bone us
Marketable but our brains are developed
So we know we're a company, and you don't have to tell us
Producer and product, a single work of art
The worlds our white cube watch us blows the walls apart
Yeah, Spit vernaculars to cause your brain to fart
Rip the/rip the shit spectacularly, serve em a la carte
Any time any place one verse get mind blown
Labels better pick us quick get your grind on
Or we'll be hostile, come in and take over
Change that shit into Company ZoJa
We're the composers, engineers and lyricists
On the mics we'll killing it and yeah I know youre hearing it
Maybe I'd be modest if we honestly admitted it
Did I spit it wicked yeah I did and I'm the shit at it
And I ain't baby goating ya – What? Kidding ya
Jack The Fucking Ripper grab the mic and take a shit on ya
Track Name: (a bit of Life)
Born in New England, sitting in my dorm
Thinking bout some shit that I could put into a song
I think of 93 the year my brother showed up
I was 3 and chilling, to the hospital I rolled up
Up the elevator, I was prolly souped
Prolly didn't think about the crying and the poop
My mom was all tired, my dad was all stressed
I said "what up my brotha" then I went back to the nest
Well the house, two kids and a spouse
Dog happy ever after how it turns out
Right? Maybe, I ain't seen the end
At times it's been dark and I ain't seen around the bend
No light in the tunnel, had me frightened. I bet
My brother might have felt the same at night up his bed
I'm sorry I'm just writing what is coming to my head
If you ain't feel it, go ahead on to another song instead
Yeah, my bro and I used to fight
Over who got to go visit grandma that night
Grandma was a fighter, but never hurt a fly
Sadly, when my mother was young, her father died
She grew her own pride, and made her own money
Even though a woman making money seemed funny
Dad's dad was shit, from Australia he split
So then he went to Newport, there to sail ships
Yachts, boats, whatever
Type of shit that floats on an ocean or a river
Or a lake. But I digress
The two of them met and created this mess
That would be me, followed by another
A little bit different, that would be my brother
Used to go to Church, but he got us kicked out
Claimed he was the devil, grabbed some cash, and flipped out
Well anyway, it's undeniable he'll go to hell
He's Satan, and smokes marijuana as well
He got into Choate, what?, Rosemary Hall
Hated the fucking place didn't want to stay at all
But then he met the track team, they smoked a little bit
Stupid chick got caught, and then she went and fucking snitched
Three in morning, pulled him outta bed
Not a first warning, this is what they said
"You're expelled" and he was like "fuck"
And they were like "wait until your parents show up"
He was prolly thinking like he got no luck
But I was thinking "sweet" cause the school fucking sucked
$40,000 dollars, kept it, no question
If it had been cops, no one'd even be arrested
Just because a bit a THC got ingested 
Donald Trump a graduate? Well I ain't impressed bitch
JFK is long gone, y'all should get fired
Or every motherfucker at that school should retire
I'm tired, of the systems
In which they seem to value human restriction
But alls well that ends well, gotta hate the pain though
We hate the tools and players, but we should blame game yo
And then go and change it, strain to rearrange it
Until there no complaining and everybody's painless
But that ain't reality, daddy had to split
But we be chill chilling like we don't give shit
And yeah we just might smoke weed a lil bit
But we still run marathons and spit some fricking hits
Uh yeah, like this, right?
But I don't write no more on this so goodnight
That's just a bit of my life, a bit of my life
Track Name: Window Shopping
I looked into your eyes and lost my mind
Yours was loosened too and I could see you trying to hide it
Then we try the smile, but we're both kinda shy
Had me feeling like I'd only ever get to walk by
Thinking money over bullshit like I ain't got the time
But cupid shot a full clip, dead into my mind
I don't believe in fairies, mutherfucker, nice try
And I don't need you to tell me when this girl is looking, fly
Coffee shop in the book store, OH my
Recognize eachother quickly as we caught eachothers eye
Cause yeah, you've seen me, and yeah I've seen you
And put the two together what you think we gon do
I saw her at the rock first, thats the library
Hunny looking fly yeah she had the guy staring
Staying on my mind, see your friend, try to find ya
At the cafeteria finally said hi to ya
Walked by ya, prolly I shoulda sat down
As the rappers tell me to, I shoulda laid my mack down
Or at least shoulda just wrote my damn math down
But I lacked the confidence and thus proceeded to back down
But hush the past now, who the fuck is that guy
Sitting in his caddylac, you must think your mad fly
And then I pass by, shoulda made a move
Cause now this other dude'll prolly end up dating you
And my ex lover dumped me, so I ain't in the mood
For another cold rejection, so I don't make the moves
By in my heteronormative misogynist society
I gotta prove my confidence by never acting idly
And I know I'm bees knees big deal trust me
Performance like a jet plane when I get to thrusting
Well endowed in the wallet and below the belt
But I try to keep it under wraps, seldom show the wealth
So I don't sleep around, but yes I want them all....
Window shopping ladies as I'm walking down the halls...
Fall in love, rather, fall in lust
But then I fall out, feeling like I missed the bus
So if you want me, prove it, hint it from the movements
I want you in control, but you expect me to be doing it
Spot you all the time, got you on my mind
And if you see me searching, bet its you I want to find
But isn't fate kind, you found me
We started to walk by at MGMT
But you paused, and it coulda been the shrooms
Or the MDMA but you were the prettiest in the room
...And we were outside at the time
When I caught up with reality I heard you say hi
I half heard your name, Julia, Juliet
Jewel searched em all on facebook, and hadn't found you yet
Was it me, or did the handshake last
A little too long, but feel way too fast
But now it's in the past, and we found we get along
Cause how could she pass up a rapper writing her a song
Track Name: Beamer, Benz or Maserati
Now I ain't trying to brag, I just work with what I'm given
And I'm lucky to have ridden in the whips that I have driven
You could say I have passion, for turning off the traction
Control hit the road wheels squealing gas mashed in
Rolling past the bastards who think that they're the fastest
In mommy's masserratti with a hottie tunes blasting
And it's prolly Co.Z, rolling by the police
They told me to slow down, heard the sound, yeah they know me
All around town, accelerate at fast pace
And if you wanna see balling follow me to the gas station
Yeah, I make it rain on them hoes
On their pumps, trade some paper for some real black gold
Naw I'm playing, my truck runs on juvenile seals
I blend them shits myself to see that my impact is real
Engine reving, global warming, shit is getting hotter
You can't catch me, quicker than the golden snitch in harry potter
Quicker than an fucking impala and the cheetah that can beat it and eat it
Yumm yumm quicker the cops impala too so I keep on speeding
Dumm dumm, over twice the speed limit, you'll get cuffed
Endangering recklessly I guess that he don't give a fuck
But usually I'm chilling slow, smoke a blunt of pleasure weed
Bumping tunes, make it pound like the British treasury
Stupid bitch impressed with me before she even heard me rap
Cause I got a big Benz with AMG on the back
Other people judge me and think that I'm prick
If you think you know me before you meet me then suck a dick
Yeah yeah my truck is sick, but I didn't design it
I'm impressed by the art, not the money that's used to buy it
Put the chrome on the car, cause I like the shit shinny
Not cause I want you to thinkin that I got big money
And my engine is insane cause I love the human mind
Big truck, but I bet I'll hit 60 in less time
And every time I do it, an engineer is validated
Our race used to fear fire, you could say that now we've made it
I love creations, you call it materialistic 
But so are hippie rich kids who only buy thrift shit
They'd pay anything just to look like their broke
Like rappers will say anything to sound like they got dough
Get money, give money, do what you gotta do
No such thing as right or wrong, you just gotta be you
True to your tastes, lack a style, go and make it
But don't just go and buy expensive stuff, that's fake shit
Don't be buying crissy if the cracker owner disses ya
Don't be a follower, be you, but be sure to listen to
Those whose style you respect
Don't be offensive to those whose style you reject
Me I'm doing me, bitch you better do you
C O dot Z and we're nothing but true
Track Name: Dirty
She said she gets dirty, dirty down to the dirt 
You know how I do it do it do it big until it hurts
You feeling purdy purdy well baby make it work
You're know you're hot so drop it to the dirt
Yeah she said she gets dirty, dirty down to the dirt 
You know how I do it do it do it big until it hurts
You feeling purdy purdy well baby make it work
You're hot so drop it down to the dirt

Clawing at your mutherfucking shirt
This shit is the way girl you know I'm trying to work
I be perched up on the top of your breasts
'Till you're wet enough to pop I will not take a rest
Cock getting pressed, all against your thigh
Now you take your jeans off, shorty wanna ride
Yeah someone turned the clean off, I got dirt dirty
I guess I kept it secret, even while flirting
But I think that you peeped it, decided to meet him
Sleep with him make him want to freak you all weekend deep in
Dayum, I'm have you leaking and squeaking
And get the whole dayum place creakin'
Poke poke pokeing on your g spot baby
That was just a taste, I'll go g spot crazy
Make you wanna lay me, baby let me lubricate and get in
Got you wetter than a mermaid sweating, dirty

Dirty, dirty down to the dirt 
You know how I do it do it do it big until it hurts
You feeling purdy purdy well baby make it work
You're know you're hot so drop it to the dirt
She said she gets dirty, dirty down to the dirt 
You know how I do it do it do it big until it hurts
You feeling purdy purdy well baby make it work
You're hot so drop it down to the dirt

I just played this girl Good Evening, its a hit
Now I'll beat it, pound it, something like a greeting with a fist
Or a song by Jackson, of course I'm getting action
I'm latching on you snatch like I'm trying to get traction
And that was a stretch, but what did you expect
Paint it green and I bet the chicks'll think my dick is shrek
Never seen it, she don't believe it, but then she felt it
It's mean when I through my penis up in your pelvis
And get you wrapped around my finger, you heard me
Make you ride it like you a you're working at a derby
Or sitting on a mutherfucking bull that keeps bucking
She don't wanna fall off so of course we course we keep fucking
She was strutting before, now she limping
Dirty talking hit her with a lil big pimpin'
Bend her over, fuck her in the mirror till it hurts–
And then she say she likes it, and got back to the dirt, dirty

Dirty, dirty down to the dirt 
You know how I do it do it do it big until it hurts
You feeling purdy purdy well baby make it work
You're know you're hot so drop it to the dirt
She said she gets dirty, dirty down to the dirt 
You know how I do it do it do it big until it hurts
You feeling purdy purdy well baby make it work
You're hot so drop it down to the dirt
Track Name: Leave a MSG
I know it's been too long since I texted
And I bet you think I moved on to the next chick
But I've been busy baby, pressured and stressed and
Can't make it to the phone at the tone leave a message

Sorry I'm forgetting, to slow it slow it down
For a second, to give you the time you should be getting
It's something I'll regret when I want you around
And realize that our friendship is no where to be found
Lost like a dog at the pound, put the flyers up
We aren't what we used to be and now I'm trying to find us
But it's hard to wait for sparks to start the fire up
While doubting it'll blaze like it had in times behind us
'Cause I wonder could it ever be the same?
We'll never be the way we were 'cause both of us have changed
I think we could fix it but I'm scarred to take the chance, so
I ignore your calls, cause I don't know how to answer

Cause it's been too long since I texted
And I bet you think I moved on to the next chick
But I've been busy I've been pressured and stressed and
Can't make it to the phone at the tone leave a message

I had told you I'd text everytime I'm depressed
And you were supposed to text when you cried
And call any time, but fall went by
Leaves fell, snow fell, and the Aprils showers dried
Now Now I'm drunk dialing, look what I find
A number I remembered in my favourites one time
But now it's new friends, new list, new numbers
But did you even know that you were missed, I wonder
We were just friends, but I woulda said I loved you
How could it have ended, it stopped so abruptly
So roughly, I'm felling like I dissed you
I didn't mean for it to be like this, and I miss you

And it's been too long since I texted
And I bet you think I moved on to the next chick
But I've been busy baby, pressured and stressed and
Can't make it to the phone at the tone leave a message
I know it's been too long since I texted
And I bet you think I moved on to the next chick
But I've been busy baby, pressured and stressed and
Can't make it to the phone at the tone leave a message

I left you, didn't say it right
I fell outta love, dropped you, and didn't play it right
Then I moved on, we haven't talked since
But I haven't forgotten how cruel I had been
It was too public, we were too young
Though I didn't want to hurt you, I knew that it was done
But couldn't make you cry, I tried for a few months
I'm explaining in this song, cause I couldn't do lunch
I couldn't just call, I was gunna write a letter
I loved who you were once and will not forget her
I don't need a reply, and I don't need you to call me
I don't even think you'll ever hear it I just wanted to say I'm sorry

That it's been so long since I texted
Forgive me for just moving on to the next chick
See I was busy, I was pressured and stressed and
So all I have is song to deliver you the message
I know it's been too long since I texted
And I bet you think I moved on to the next chick
But I've been busy baby, pressured and stressed and
Can't make it to the phone at the tone leave a message
Track Name: Kick Game Spittin'
I got them Nike Dunks, Reebok Pumps
Creative Recreation, Bapes, NIke RT1s
Air Revolution, and the Air Max
Condor Flights like the Nike Bigs on the back
Even got a pair of vans and some wallabees
Asolo boots go where you won't follow me
Went to Guatemala got cement on that shit
Still wear em, different fashion statement everytime I kick
What I mean is everyday you'll see me switching up the shoes
Your outfit is a picture of the things you like to choose
So predictably I mix it up considering how I'm loco
Different days different people say my kicks are dope yo
Chilling wit a Brown chick who really likes my wallabees
She thinks Nike treats their child labour improperly
My preppy crackah bitches love the rainbows and vans
But they don't look sneakers, the Pack, I don't understand
Met a chick at RISD who loves the RT1s
Prolly cause they're fucking weird but thats what makes them fun
Crack a beer at a fraternity, with neon green shoes
Matching polo cause I thought the theme was dress like a douche
They we're doing it, check my dorm closet, no room in it
Cause I got more than 42 mutherfucking shoes in it
I'm crazy, blame it on blazing, I think I loosing it
Up in Sneakers Junkies bet that I ain't just peruse it
I got the Orange dunks with suede fur pattent pebble 
I don't wear em to show my wealth, I don't wear em to be rebel
See I wear em for my health, yeah I need them to survive
With some kush and some OJ aint that a fucking diet
For the hide, I would tip a cow and slit its throat myself
But I'm glad theyre mostly plastic and you don't need my help
See we walk in that kick store, pick em up, roll out
Behind the scenes theres a lot of shit that we don't know about
Somebody designed em, you see these 420s
Believe me kid these shits are worth every damn penny
Skunk in the soul, stash in the tongue 
Got baggy a bic and a half of a blunt
They be blabbing I'm dumb, and they call it overpriced
A price is what you wanna pay, if don't think its right
Don't buy em, buy something else, or Jack mine
Mutherfucker, cause you know I know you know my kicks are fly
I just told you to Jack my shit
So even if you Jack it you're riding my dick
They already call it jacking mutherfucker, get off my nuts
Track Name: Refrain
Kid's insane with a mean kick game
Copy Wayne hoppin on that remix train
Sloppy brain ain't impressing me refrain
Sloppy brain ain't impressing me, get it?
If you don't better look it up cause I've said it
So we know it must be clever, and too sweet for a diabetics
Yeah I flow like diarrhetics, you could say I'm hott shit
Spewed all over your pot, and you can't stop it
Like gross, I burn through bread like a toaster
Don't let it go to my head as I roast ya
Cause you don't even show up on a top rapper roster
I got flames, kick it like grandmaster rasta
Leave you like pasta, read all over
Like a news paper, or my rap notebook
Or a menstruation soaked filled tampon
Killer delivery yo I'm bout to get my stamp on
Stomping, something like an elephant stampede
Bumbing, kinda like a fella wit acking
You grumpy, and smaller than that fucking lil dwarf
Got ya bitch on my pole like Santa on the north
Like morse code I dash ripping it fast
Like a horoscope, your trash lacking the facts
Can't ignore the flow, when you imagined it be wack
And then you heard this, what in the fuck'd you think of that
Get Jacked
Gone for minute, scratch that, less than it
Now I'm right back in it, Jack track, 1 minute
10 seconds or 11 by the time that you check it
And he already impressively has wrecked it on the record
Like wow, prolly with your girl butt naked right now
She's a different garden tool, but I'ma a fricking plow
All up in yo spot, on top, but getting down
More famous than a harry potter chick up at brown
What up Emma? Hey now, we should be dating
Meet in my suite 400b chappin
All up in these beets like a vegetable rapist
Chick up in my sheets you can bet she'll be naked
Fox like megan or vivica, givein it
To me, never holding back, my bitches are unlimited and
They felling me, like mac dre
Kick it like a hackey sack
Say it's wack, but I still gon do it jack's way
Soooo look us up Facebook, Co.Z
C O dot Z friend us like a homie
Then you'll get to know me, from all of my lyrics
And prolly wanna blow me, the second that hear it
Nah I'm kidding I don't even like dome
Cause I'm the type of baller going hard or going home
If you're prone to being slutty, or untalented and lame
You're sloppy brain ain't impressing me, refrain
Track Name: Big Mack Rap
I'm the Jack in Wendy's box when even Donald couldn't mack her. She dunk-those-nuts, quick like sonic, you should check-her. Got star bucks, yet underground like subway trains, like I ran up in white castles and burglarized the kings. I'm a beast with these beauties, watch me talk-to-Bell. Got exotic chicks, pollo tropical, Johnny rock this shit, call me Papa John. Say peace to you hut, my mansion can take you on if you're ever quizzed-know ladies feel my shit. Lay 'em down like dominos, then dick-fill-a-chick; Long John Silver, hot enough to have Kentucky fried; I burned Denny, Arby, Mr. Chang, and five guys at a time. Chilli' with some dairy queens who let me handle their breasts. Get down like I'm tryin'a dig a panda express. "That was a stretch" ...that's what she said. Vegetarian, but still she gobble on my meat's head. Said they fishy, so-she ordered me to serve 'em raw and cold; easy, 'cause I'm slick as butter; it makes sense I'm on a roll. Tryin'a catch-up musta' made-you haters relish how I spit; freshly wrap around you wieners like a condiment. Oh shit, I'm glad you'll rewind it, and if you ain't yet it's about damn time bitch. 'Cause thats the first rhyming couplet without food. Spicy rap like Chipoltle, of course I make you drool…I got a lot of greenery, cheese (cheddar) and dough, but I'm so hot I turned it into bread then into toast. And don't you think that I deny my mommy feeds the green, one day I hope to give it back I got more servings than I need. That's iambic octameter, go scan my poet's scheme: the Bard's pentameter, plus a bar of protein. Nah, fuck it yo, bigger: steroids and creatine. this is phat, fuck a diet, I don't mean it to be lean. FIlling boston with my cream, krispy fresh, fuck the cost. I'ma buy it for her then I'll brake that kit-kat off. Trustworthy, virgins, they invite me in (I could take one everyday like a vitamin). RUDE, and too witty for those who hate on it. The only plate you could serve me on is tectonic. Flowing, and I just keep going and going; it's crazy, it makes you wan me to glaze you, don't-it? Vanilla fella, but I bite and y'all just bark a lot; send my dogs at you pussies, make the cops chalk a lot. Damn girl, you smoking good, can you please pass the bowl. You can be my royal highness, let me make your castle roll. I go against the flow, something like a salmon, and show a wide pallet for the rhymes (watch me slant it..). People are demanding, I pop you corny rappers. I'm sweet, but hard like candy, you're the surrounding plastic. Born into cheddar, and I know it's not fair; I'ma try to make the poor rich like Goldy Locks' bears. You should be scared, the way I'm chewing the mic; I'm a terror like a trillion computer chip bites. Geek to the beat, y'all hating it are bitches. Watch me toast these hoes, the flows hot salsa y'alls is getting dipped in. "Damn Jack The Ripper" ladies wanna pay me, but I say that if you get to know me, it'll be free to lay me. Don' read too deep into these sweet as fruit punches; I'm just getting my funny-on, y'all should eat it up like your lunches. Munch it. You're welcome to bite it, I'm the only one who could write it. I am the tightest, touch it like Midas, sweet as white sugar (despite all the whiteness). Mikey likes it, and he hates you, I guess that's life. I'm all over this beat like white on rice. I'm young and got money, Wayne should sign me twice. Sweet lines stick like honey and my cream could get my ice sprinkled like spice. Girls flock to me 'cause they know: even if they, scream when they cum, it'll still be a cheery-o. Then hunny I nut, up in your gut, but notice I waited 'till after. (Hopefully that cream pie won't grow up into a disaster…) Inappropriate, don't encourage me with laughter. I'm fresh, got this zip locked, I'm a seran-rapper. Deliver what you order, strait to your front door bra. Milk 'em for what they're worth, my lines are like coke, get to snortin'. Grill 'em like Forman, rock weller than Norman. I gormet fry then poach, you luke-warm them. I lay her, try to steer clear of the eggs, but I'm all over the breasts, the thigh, and the legs. Sweeter, taller and smarter than runts and nerds. And I ain't scared of beef, I can slaughter a herd. Got these chicken heads bobbin', corn on the cob slobin', my nob get's to breaking their jaws and gob-stopping. Cracka please, Snickers can not feed how hungry that I be. You should read these lyrics shitting on you like diarrhe….UH! Yeah bitch, I'm ready for the test. Big mack rap, (now I'm letting y'all digest). Ciao/chow/chao(s).
Track Name: May 18th
Like a watered down Drizzy, you expect it to be Drizzly
Rapping reppin Brown Bears now and wreck it like a grizzly
They don't check cause they don't care, they just chuck around a frisby
I'm the ultimate with flow and yet they ultimately miss me
Throw it up on datt piff and see the haters getting pissed
At me because he's white as snow falling and never lived in misery
And yet I see the pain, just got back from Guatemala
Where I saw the otherside, like a mutherfucking baller
I awknowledge that I'm pimped out, living on the top
Tripped up like a limp, seeing what I got
I say it cause it's fact, I don't spit it to be rude
But usually Jack's the richest kid up in the room
And I don't know what to do, don't know how to give it back
My momma was poor and then she earned all that
I don't wanna be the prick who's just getting it from his mother
8 digits after taxes after splitting it with my brother
Oh shit you better shut up, before they think you're bragging
Cause you got different rules than these other rap have and
Also have different motives, and different styles of rap
And if you hear the wrong parts you prolly'll think I'm wack
I rap about ladies, and money and me being awesome
So you rap can along and then feel like your flossing
Whatever that means, I'm dirty and I'm clean
Its hard to stay modest now that everybody's seen
Jack The mutherfucking Ripper, laugh at favourite rapper
Because he know's he sicker, slicker, quick; his wits are faster
Spitting flic of bics, thats flames, for you bastards
With wordplay I claim I am the master
But I never claim any untruths
Only opinions, which change from day to day like my moods
Track Name: Sex, Drugs & DialTone.z
We begin slow, the blunts have been rolled
The mirrors getting frosty, it's covered in snow
Blow, shrooms, dro, mdma
Glow sticks getting thrown, best get out my damn way
I'm on a roll, and if you don't understand me
Pop the pills, smoke the blunts, sniff that nose candy
Let that shit electrify you like a tazer grazed ya
Blaze you, amaze you, debase you phase you like a major lazer
Major captain crazy flow
Hit play I blaze beats watch me go
They say I'm amazing, I kill it like a carnivore
Here comes the beat now, everbody, pon de floor
Rip it quick and viscously I leave you wanting more
So my lyrics get around here like a mutherfucking whore
Jack The Ripper spit it sicker so go figure they adore
Get the beat and kill it, bring it to the mutherfricking morgue
Methylene dioxy methamphedamine
Yeah I might die from the shit it might better me
Flower flipping hippie tripping, Jack the Ripper do it different
Who is this body? I ride it get to moving with it
Hey hey baby, shit is getting crazy
It might be the e but your body feels amazing
Maybe we should get get down like the basement
Down to the ground, let me show you how I plays it
Blazing hot, in deep I freak her
Dripping something like a leaking beaker
Booming something like peaking speaker
Freak her deeper till I squeak her (Ooo)
Now let's get Co.Z
Let's all get Co.Z

What the fuck did expect
Through me a beat or pussy bet that shit is getting wrecked
Wet, I gush her but my head is never fruit
Jet, I thrust her like a racer rev a coupe
Do you follow, cause you could never lead this steed
Do you swallow, he could never be like me
Are you hallow, give me just a minute I'm fill'er up
Like the sex hott baby, lemme grill it up
I ain't talking mean mugging
But if it ain't lovin' it's sure as hell fucking
I see what i got and I see you got nothing
Inside her, me I'm a get a nut in
Come in the place strutting
The guys and the gals I be pushing they buttons
If the guy strait then I bet that he fucking hate me
Gays and the girls wanna date me and mate me
And rape me
They can't take me
I feel my phone vibrarting
It's been doing that a hella lot lately
Who the fuck is this texting, calling
Sexting, 4 in the morning
I'be trying party, they be calling bawling
Fuck your damn problems, I ignore 'em, stallin
What? Do you need
Will you let me get my dance on please
I ain't got shit to say to ya...

I ain't picking up so you better try texting
If I don't reply, what you gunna try next then
Photo MSG breast pic, what'd they call it? Sexting
Delete it ain't seen it I ain't getting arrested
I'm sorry that I couldn't pick it up, leave a message
I ain't guarenteeing that I'll hear it when I get it
I'm sick of the shit, now I nearly need a medic
But really just a minuite, a lifetime or second
To breath
You need to please see it how I see it
I mean no disrespect, I mean it how i mean it
I couldn't get to the phone, the text, I mustn't have seen it   
Since I didn't reply, you think I'm a mean guy
Stop fucking calling me as if the shits free Al-
hough it's not your business, I'm with someone, you fear
And thus I don't pick up cause wouldn't want to hear call my phone
I ain't picking up and your worried that I'm gone
I'm undersexed, you over text
I'm nestled with the my next now sorry you're the ex
You call my phone, you get the tone
I ain't picking up and your worried that I'm gone
I'm undersexed, you over text
I'm nestled with the my next now sorry you're the ex
You gon get the tone cause I won't pick up my phone...

Track Name: Thank Wayne
Prada bag packed, 420 dunks
Lighting up some stuff that leave you smelling like a skunk
And I ain't trying to front, I'm just trying to spit truths
I got it in the bag, to the game, I make moves
I'm a mutherfucker baby, fucked your mother maybe
She wanted to lay me, she's Jack dick crazy
I can make your girl say she likes me more than you
What did you expect when you treat her like a whore for you
Now she be like "hold me", she don't even know me
Jack The Ripper, slip in, and you know I get it cozy
Yeah you know we rep Co.Z
Jack and Ms. Chaos, first name Zoë
What you gon', what you gon', what you gon' do?
When Jack The Ripper come and spit some disses at you
You should listen, slit your wrists, and leave your misses unmarried
I'ma a pick her up and sit her in my truck that so scary
And we're sitting on some big thangs, bumping Wayne or Jigga
I show your dame my dick she thinks I come from Africa
Yeah I got a jet, but I think my truck in quicker
Ever when I rap along to Wayne I never say...
Crackah, feeling myself, Dre comma Mac
Chill chillin with these bitches like who? Like Jack
Like oooh that's phat, boy do that rap
Girl you should see Jack when he move that cat
I'ma make the putty purr, getting down to the dirt
Stay grounded, crazy but down to earth
Yeah, I'm from Providence, yeah I'm from Providence
Yeah I'm Providence, East Side
Find me rolling up a blunt, let's ride
And I thank Wayne for letting me bite a couple lines
Getting blunted in the G55
And I thank Wayne for letting me bite a couple rhymes
So I bite a couple lines, I bite a couple rhymes
I write a bit of mine, then thank Wayne
Yo Don, let's get some ganj and some Dom Perignon
Let's drink that shit, and light that that shit up in my bong
If hip hops dead then what the fuck our these songs
Track Name: Feel Me (Erykah's Love)
Clear the sample, Paul McCartney, or she'll bring the heat about it
I don't mean a heater I'm mean she gon' go and tweet about it
And her people gon' get on their feet about it, tweeter preacher
Free speech on your screen and leaking out your tweeter speakers
J Dilla coming through the bass ones, though he passed
He'll be living on every time a fan plays a track
That's love, make you tin tingle in your lower back
Back rub funk, ear drums gotta love that
Fear has got me influenced, I can't stay above it
But I focus on my love and then I think nothing of it
Like right now, writing lyrics, hate is loud, I don't hear it
I'm creating sound so I can make it that hate is cleared
Unless I'm on a badass beat, then I get bent
Anger branches from fear, writing rhymes, let me vent
Now I'm chill chilling here with a bit of E.Badu
Trying add a track to the album to show I'm being true
If I've offended y'all, I can't please you
I work at pleasing me that's why I'm doing what I do
But you can tell me stop...and I'll consider
Maybe zoom out, pause, see the picture bigger
But if I reconsider and I find you're just restricting me
I'll flick a bird, and flick a bic, and get back to the ripping, we
Can split it down the middle like a zipper, you don't own the game
I can get involved and most of you don't even know my name
Yet, pay back without the debt
To those who doubt I'm true I hope you haven't placed a bet
Cause I wouldnt want you losing any cash over it
Rap's got a low bar, feel me as I pass over it
We been given the gift to be able to create
The power of the people can be found in what we make
And the power to love another person is the truest
So love me, come on, I like it, so do it, feel me?