The Forecast

by Jack of Co.Z

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The Forecast is a mixtape made by Jack Of Co.Z in 2011 featuring original and parody vocals performed over popular instrumentals.


released November 8, 2011

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Jack of Co.Z Los Angeles, California

Jack of Co.Z is the rapper half of the Co.Z duo, set loose to wreak havoc with words. Some of Jack of Co.Z's work is on original instrumentals, much is mixtape style rap. Mixtape rap is usually more offensive, but ideally more honest. Not suitable for those unprepared, but everyone else should enjoy freely. Jack also produces as CompanyZ and is half of Jack The Ripper & The Mad Psyentist. ... more

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Track Name: The Forecast (featuring Licki Ucroj)
Co.Z Forecast: start tweeting
Kush&SnowDay... it's leaking
……..I got bored one weekend
Crackuh Jack back to leave a trap beat beat in

"Are you fucking kidding me? How this honkey sneak in?
Didn't I just see him in Africa this week end"
That ain't relevant, I just wanted to rap it about
Lil B knows he's a God, Jack doubts it

Why'd you cut the track out bitch?
Bring that back so I can get to flowing till the spouts ripped
You should call the fucking accountant
Cause you couldn't keep in-stride with me without it
And I got fucking announcement
I ripp it Hella Good, No Doubt bitch

Lines I got an ounce of it
Lemme me lay em out on the counter bitch
Tell that hoe face it
I got a dime, that's what nines get replaced with

I'm only dealt faces, Jack's smoking aces
8Ball in the left nostril: face lift
You think this time I mighta forgot the last rhyme
I'm here to bounce with it

Pound on the kush, cause it's snowing by ounce
Close the schools, 'cause I ain't editing what's leakin' out my mouth
These are just some freetime rhymes, fuck em all
Jack of Co.Z, just some kid, up in your headphones at mall

Saying "Jack ain't shit, go ahead and laugh at it"
Kush&Snow Eve Reigns, through cash at it
Performance Art, "oh just an act"
The Forecast mixtape, ya gettin Jacked


I'm just kidding.

Track Name: M.C.Hammer?
This is the Forecast: SNOW BITCH
So we don't have to go to class NO BITCH
I got bored this summer so I WROTE THIS
And I don't give a fuck if you like it...OH SHIT

Remember 50 Cent? Who the fuck is MC hammer?
When I said your fuck bitch mother, I meant your gramma
Your sister, father and your brother and your future kids
Too white to shoot the shit, guess I'm just doing biz

"You claim to be something you're not; you're a jerk"
The pot can call the kettle black if it's fucking purp
Light me up and I'ma hit ya in the muthafucking throat
Sheltered crackah never learned what to do and what to don't

…...So I carry knives
Cause my favourite rappers live scary lives
Rich white male the opposite of being paralyzed
Still they're all pissed off depressed in paradise

"Your fucking bullshit is very nice", no it's not
I ran outta prozac last night, where's the pot
Failed the class, didn't do the work and wasn't there a lot
They sent a bunch of emails to me, as if I care a lot

Academic probation? fuck a dean
Shove em in a boston donut like "fuck the cream"
I think I'm Gucci (but not the cheap clothes)
I think I'm living on a farm with all these beets and hoes

Yeah I feature dope, I'm heroin on instrumentals
Oral fixation, she wants me in her dentals
Make it geyser: spout and spew
Then we soft drink: mount and do

(Whatchu doing crackah?) I just want to be rapper
(I said whatchu doing crackah?) But I guess I'm more an actor
If I was Chris Brown I wouldn't have smacked her
I woulda took her to a farm, laid her out, and tracktor

You know what I mean...I've been known to plow
Tyler the Creator gets good media coverage...wonder how
"I am so offended", you're just an entertainer
Holly Brook doesn't sound famous, rename her

I guess I think I'm Wiz, ya know, great brain
G55 make your Range look, quite plain
Got a big whip….she just thought I talk a lot
Till' I pulled my mack truck into her parking spot

Rappers like to tell a hoe to swallow it, cause thats a mess
All I do is throw it in the uterous, fabulous
Ask my bitch, we're fucking, while you suckers all can blow me in fact
Find me with a Bond girl getting Co.Z with Jack
Track Name: Oh Let Us Do It
Got my tracks up, leaving haters doubts smacked up
The Ripper in the bitch, beats 'bout to get Jacked up
"Wait, holy crap, what? Jack can't be a rapper
He's a rich crackah, crazy honkey wish he blacker"

Bumping in a CEO truck, Mom got CEO bucks
Kids all be like "oh fuck", and all I did was drove up
It kinda makes me throw up, but usually I'm laughing
Please don't think you're lacking what these rappers brag they're packing

Hit em with the check book, call that shit the "threat book"
Call that shit the "pay some crazy fool to slit yo neck book"
AKA "the world is unfair but I'm all set book"
AKA "there's money out my ass call the vet book"

YEAH………….. act a donkey
Crackah you don't won't these tracks aimed at ya dome piece
DAMN Tell your moms and kids and pets and all they homies for more from Jack of Co.Z

Get Co.Z bitch, that's Company ZoJa if you do not know me, your label should promote me
Then I'll get in the beet hard; vegetable rape
Looking down on China's wall, I'm incredibly great

There's sanity all around me and that's why they say I'm in sane
It's not that normal's bad, I just use more of my brain
I'm sneaky with what I'm saying, I'm just trying to alleviate pain
Gladiator rapper, tryingna entertain, and I know the crowd'll scream
cause I leave a line slain, cause I got em like "damn, what that boy name?"

Jack-hammering her pretty kitty
Get it? "kitty paws" ...shit this kid is pretty witty
And he spit it quicker than y'all can catch up
So you better mush turds, like a dog, fetch stuff
Get the point. (What?) Word. So you need rest up?
Fine, I'll pull the sleigh,

You read the lyrics, check up

Cause they sick, as a dog, oh shit, bring it back
I'm a pig, like a hog, from the way I'm eating tracks
Now I'm shitting on a Wocka beat, shitting on a Wayne
Shitting on a Nicki, shitting sleet snow hail rain

I deliver, I'ma need some toilet paper STAT
Defecating on a beat, and have the haters eating that
"Order up bitch, What bitch? Oh you threw it up bitch
Bulemia some shit I think you really shouldn't fuck with

Try coke." Crackahs rapping in a rush quick
Lost the rap race now we're on our "chase the bus" shit
Beastie Boys, Ice, Eminem, Slug, Apathy
Asher Roth, Mac Miller, Yelawolf, Jack-ME?

Who dat? Me, the other white rap meat
Plus I'm hotter than the fucking desert in Iraq be
Hotter than an athlete there running track meets
As high as the Burj is tall, I'm that deep

So of course I'm trying spit a couple facts
Jack all up in face but I also got ya back
Wack people a disgrace, they believing all this crap
I'ma try to learn the truth, and try to put it in a rap

Dat Piff'll host it and you can download that
That piff, I roast it and you can count on that
Higher than a mutherfucking mountain goat
Flyering than a mutherfucking dolphin float

"Dammn na na now who dat who dat new kid"
Jack the Fucking Ripper of Co.Z, "Oh that new shit"
"Yeahhhh na na now who dat who dat honkey"
Encouraging vegetarianism, you don't want beef

Uh… ain't no performance actor like me
Ivy League White Weezy killing these beats nightly
Slay a song a day, bash a mic, and leave em gawking
Haters can't walk, run or talk. Stephen Hawkins

YES YES YES YES ohlesdewih
This ain't Rebecca Black, this is mixtape music
"What the fuck is that?" I don't know I'm from the burbs
Majoring in art and I'm just playing with some words

Ain't ya heard? The grapevine can tweet to the birds
#JackofCoZ so flowy like a bass, no turd
No bullshit, somewhere between your God and a nerd
And you'll never find me with a closed mind or a herd

Bond as….word.
Track Name: 9Pieces (Butch&Ruff)
1 2, mic check
3 blunts, 4 lines, nice set
High as 5s, 6 hits, that's a great fall
7 more than lance armstrong, I got 8 balls

9 Piece, with some honey mustard
Playboy mansion drive through-er, leave a bunny flustered
Got the kitty so wet the belly ring rusted
Caesarian sexin: tummy bustin

Most expensive SUV we've prolly seen
Cause the Range is like 80, and the Porche is 119
But fuck that materialism if you ain't even spitting it clean
My Saliva's like voss, I'm a boss something like the one that fucks the queen

...No homo blow strait eight balls
"That some boss bass", blow ya face off
Rick Ross asked for 10 bricks and fish
I said "shit what the fuck are you building with this"

I got a slice of that crip from hawaii take a sniff
And you can hit my girl up if you trying cop a zip
Got a script up bitch with ADHD and depression
Got them happy beans plus them xrs no question

Moving em to the Asians, international investment
Buying em for 1, selling em for 5, "who done it", ain't no one arrested
Campus PD test it but these ladies too impressive
Smoke a blunt, tell a cop "what? Get aggressive"

9 piece, that's a gun right?
Cop dat at shit at Walmart, whip it out in broad sun light
Bumping TIP has  got me in the mood to gun fight
Mommy pays the lawyers and her money gets it done right

Plus her sons white, and she's runs a hedge fund
That's actor money, flipping dough and growin it till the breads done
She spends it on me a lot, so I get to go to college
But I don't own anything myself except knowledge

Your mind's on basic, what is that based shit?
Let me think up a random rhyme…
Gucci Louie Fendi Kreayshawn is my favorite actor
But why yo bitch dropping NBombs, yallz iz crackahs?

Does polly want it? Cause I ain't really need it
I'm doing me, Jacking it, haters suck my penis
Yes I am the meanest, I spit dirty cleanest
You should see this picture of my girl with me between it


I usually buy from lesbians
Live with mixed models, and most my friends are thespians
Performance art, I'm doing my residence
Dr. Jack, Company Z, I'm Mr. President
Track Name: John (...Like Wayne)
[U.F.O. Warning]:
'Ships of an Alien sort are approaching from the sky!'
'Radio contact has been attempted but cannot be established...'
'Instructions are to prepare for an attack by an...Unknown Emeny!'

[Jack of Co.Z]:
Get Co.Z
Company Z
You don't know me
We are not the same, I'm Jack of Co.Z

But you can call me John, government name
Crackah nuke a track, government bang
Word to Lybia, you're governments fucked
While I'm a G-Truck burning government bucks

Pull up and park in a Church handicapped spot
Butchie got the blunt, we go and pick up Popadop
On some real shit, we spark it and have a talk
"This world is unfair, this shit has got to stop"

But then I got blunted so of course I just forgot
While Butchie pull his brim down I'm waving at the cops
Crackahs asking me "You like your music going boom, huh?
You know a lot of Africans?" Nope, just Fumbah

Also Niwa, Saadi, Hani, Chucky Gordon–
(Well he's South African, but that shit ain't important)
Fuck Aparthide though, honkey that's retarded
Crackahs think we fixxed ourselves, we're just gettting started

International dorm wit Aamer and Adeel
Smoking on some doja, that shit hits you for real
Nehal telling me I gotta hit em with some rhyming
Drop the beat bitch I go hard, diamond 

I'm not a star, somebody lied
I just got a fancy car, G55
And my mommy's Maserati still with the same hottie
Vegetarian model with a yoga type body

Yeah I beat a pussy but I'm still pro PETA
No red meat but this chicken, I'ma eat her
Let it out the cage, like Kahlo, I freed her
Playing triple x games, I'm a pro skeeter

I'm not a rapper, somebody's stupid
I'm a performance actor, bitch you shoulda knew it
They call me arrogant, yes, but I'm the truest
They're modest and dishonest and no one's playing their music

Fuck em, but pause, cause I don't want em getting action
Everybody lie too much, get a grip, traction
Why are we in Lybia? To flex and get some oil bitch
You thought it's human rights? Shit, I spoiled it

I just wish Obama would tell it like Rick Ross
"Ayo Ghadfi, don't test, I'ma boss
What? Oh leh do it, Oil dealing music
Don't make me go pop a trunk and drop another nuke bitch" (BOMA)

I'm not alive, I'm atoms animated
Is God responsible for this? Maybe Santa made it
My soul's the only thing I own, and you can't invade it
But lemme just break it down, dipshit, granulate it

Talk smart, best believe he go dumb though
Ivy League mixtape rapper at your front door
Brown is just bureaucracy so I tryin' front yo
But if your mom don't like the flow...well that's a dumb hoe

(OOOOoooo) What?
Your mom's a stupid whore
Whether on salary or staying home and doing chores
Stop whinning, that was just a 'yo mama joke'
Bitch I blaspheme at 'em, like dumping on the pope

Jack of Co.Z's fly, you're a nat bitch; SWAT ya like Specials Weapons and Tactics
Watch it (oooo) shit that's drastic, mixtape coming, bitch you betta blast it
Find my Soundcloud, find me Dat Piff, up in Young Orchard high and plastard
Drug test? Bitch I'm passed it, shrooms ex weed coke molly and acid

Think you rap fast? You're a joint, I pass it, my truck hits 60 in five and a half bitch
Empty the gas ask when he gunna crash it–HAAAAAAA! Gasp bitch
All you get from this dude: laughter. I'm a bit fish poop: bass turd.
Weed like a field dude: pasture. All the kids feel dude: pastor.

...........but I ain't done yet
You think your dog are sick? That's a dumb vet
Is that sign language, or just a dumb set?
Now which label has a check that I can come get?, Get Co.Z
C O  Dot Z, that's me and Zoë
And while your at it, check Gripp at glassEyeballs
Limited liability, so this shit ain't my fault...

Jack of Co.Z, leave a mic slain
You can call me John ( Wayne)
Track Name: R.I.P. Gaddafi (Blame Illuminati)
To whom it may concern 
I don't know shit, I just learn 
Jack The Ripper, counting bodies 
What would Jesus do? Blame Illuminati
If my words offend you Gaddafi, kill me 
My lyrics will survive, they're untouchable, ya feel me 
Tell ya lawyer bill me, have a couple billion 
But I'ma tell Mali what you're planning for their children
Giving em a building, but you're prolly gunna bomb that shit 
You trick em to trust you, till you come and bust through and cut off all they mutherfucking arms and limbs 
Get a load of viagra from Pfiser, feed it to the Libyan army kids 
Order them kill the father and brother and then of course rape the mom and sis
Is there anything wrong with this? It's not a mistake, he wanted this 
If people in Bamako don't stop think he's righteous, well I warned ya bitch 
What he won't admit is that he's got a lot of little plots and plans 
Al Qaeda's on with it, trying steal the black gold from the Black man's land
So they can put it in the crackahs hands, for my Mercedes SUV 
Everytime I'm filling up the big ass tank, I be spending 80 USD 
And some of that could be Mali's money but Gaddafi got it 
Sell resources to an ally, Gaddafi's not it
Gaddafi's rotten, Gaddafi's robbin' 
Gaddafi eats your food, you should not be starving 
He kills his own people, you're next, stop stalling 
Gaddafi's the same as Saddam Hussein, Hitler and Stalin
RIP Gaddafi, kill me 
Jesus and Muhammad would agree that shit is villainy 
Obama turns the rebels from militia into military 
When he sends them ammunition with your address for a killing spree
You vowed to "die a martyr", that's sounds like an order 
We didn't hear you clearly, fuck your glory, here's a mortar 
Bombed your house sorry that your grandchildren died 
That's an eye for eye, leaving everybody blind
See the West is just trying to get cheaper oil for our cars 
That's probably why we ignore the civil war down in Cote D'Ivore 
And I ain't claiming any politician is better than a whore 
But I'd rather have them fucking for money than causing war
Meanwhile China's probably planning World War four 
Bored super power nations on a world war tour 
Trying to get they money up so they can get some more 
So they can spend it making poor nations more poor
Regardless of corruption, be aware of genocide 
When it's knocking on your door, where you gunna hide? 
Bad boys, pick a side, divide or comply 
Sarkosy is a douche, but I'd rather Gaddafi die
The human race, suicidal murderers 
We fuck mother earth, then treat her like we never heard of her 
If you believe in God, it's not impressed 
As-Salamu Alaykum, but don't count on getting blessed
Get to rest…in peace bitch 
Death's the only place that you'll meet it 
Jack The Ripper, on some deep speech shit 
Leave it on the internet until Google deletes it
To whom it may concern 
I don't know shit, I just learn 
Jack The Ripper, counting bodies 
What would Jesus do? Blame Illuminati
RIP Gaddafi, Blame Illuminati 
RIP Gaddafi, Blame Illuminati 
RIP Gaddafi, Blame Illuminati 
RIP Gaddafi, Blame Illuminati
Track Name: White Boy (featuring Doze One)
Yeah Bitch Yeah Bitch call me Crackah Jack
Kush&SnowDay Coming, where the white girl package at
Yeah Bitch Yeah Bitch call me Jack The Rip
Yeah I know its white shit but fuck a ball I need zips

Yeah Bitch Yeah Bitch call me Crackah Jack
Fucking up a trap beat, yeah I leave a track attack
I'm a white boy, you can call me Crackah Jack
I'm I'm a white boy, you can call me Crackah Jack

What up bitch? I heard you go to Brown
What up bitch? I heard come from a nice town
Mommy got her money up, so I can throw down
Buy a pound, break it down, deal it all around

Sorry popo I didn't know I couldn't do that
What's a drug bust without minorities to shoot at
The drug war is racist, but y'all already knew that
They don't think I'm dealing, cause I don't wear a dew rag

Wait a sec, who dat? Crackah Jack
On a trap beat, but it's crackah rap
Raps on raps, play em back to back
No homo, Jacks on Jacks on Jacks

On no no, who let honkey in
What a Jackass, look at him donkey-ing
Where the racks at, I'm trying get drunk with them
Where the trap beats, crackah trying jump on em

Where the cops and a gun, I'm dump on them
Like "mommy, I did something dumb again"
She tell the lawyers "sorry it's my son again"
She got a hundred million, they gon charge one of them

Then they'll let me go like OJ
I'll hit the motor yatch and celebrate Kush & Snow Day
Yo shit ain't hip hop Jack, that's just funny talking
If you don't want to me rap I'll be that crackah making money off it

Yeah Bitch Yeah Bitch call me Crackah Jack
Kush&SnowDay Coming, where that white girl package at
Yeah Bitch Yeah Bitch call me Jack The Rip
Yeah I know its white shit but fuck a ball I need zips

Yeah Bitch Yeah Bitch call me Crackah Jack
Fucking up a trap beat, yeah I leave a track attack
I'm a white boy, you can call me Crackah Jack
I'm I'm a white boy, you can call me Crackah Jack

CO.Z uhoh, here come that white kid
They don't know what to click on Facebook cause they don't like this
Haters getting quite pissed, cause they know it's tight shit
Party party party party party where that white shit

Who me? Let me hit it Ike bitch
Gimme that blunt make it snow on and light it
Paid up front, and the cops can bite it
Ain't no fucking way I'm ever getting indicted

Grew up in the burbs, learned about fighting
Sue they bitch ass leave it in writing
The worlds got a lot of wrong, i like the right bits
But I don't know shit, why? Cause I'm a white kid

Grew up with nice shit, it aint fair
And most of these people that got it don't care
Complain about our problems, bunch of hot air
You ain't that poor, check the people over there

You don't even care, everything is suffering
Pleasure is the lack of pain, everything is nothing
Buddha was rich, then he had shit
Then he died, and that's it

Jesus back, Jesus back
But Jack ain't Jesus, Jesus was black
White people stole him, cause crackahs jack
Colonialism, slavery, capitalism, we practice that

I said crackahs jack I said crackahs jack
And I'm guilty too cause I'm jacking rap
Majority rules, but now the crackahs ain't that
Watch out, China's bout to leave these crackahs jacked

Yeah Bitch Yeah Bitch call me Crackah Jack
Kush&SnowDay Coming, where the white girl package at
Yeah Bitch Yeah Bitch call me Jack The Rip
Yeah I know its white shit but fuck a ball I need zips

Yeah Bitch Yeah Bitch call me Crackah Jack
Fucking up a trap beat, yeah I leave a track attack
I'm a white boy, you can call me Crackah Jack
I'm I'm a white boy, you can call me Crackah Jack
Track Name: Co.Z In Da Paint
What's this honkey doing rapping, who the fuck he kidding
Rapping on some Luger beats? Oh no he fuckin didn't
Heard that he's some college boy, I ain't fucking wit it
I bet he think he hood, but I know he fucking isn't

Who the fuck this crackah Jack, you can't make a killin?
Take my mommy's private plane and fly into your building

On my 9/11 shit, everyone say hi Jack
On my armageddon shit, religions get your guys back
You'll need your Masiahs, if they died, go re-rise that
See world, ya no good, we should revise that

Grinch politicians hearts too small, resize that
Or run up in they city halls, hit em in the side and back
Then do what? We be disciplined and healthy
But if I rep the wrong colors, they ain't gunna help me

Democrats keep loosin' it, the GOP is dead
I'm with a yellow model chick, Chinese nikes reppin red
Sui yi wo shou yi dian zhong wen
Caiete culeros, around the world I'm going in

Deng yi xia, pause, un momento, wait a sec
America thinks they on top of the globe, but we ain't made it yet
Spending guap on ammo, we ain't send enough to Haiti yet
I'm backwards teaching for America, degrading it

But I ain't hatin it, just hatin all the hate in it
Someone should incentivize the good, put some bait in it
Wait what? Debate a bit and figure out your true desires
These children are selling plants, you send em juvvy trial

Plus the Earth just attacked Japan
And we've only got a year, we better sack the man
Australia flooded, Haiti rocked, Mexico drugged
Drug rugged territory, trap beat, gotta love it

Off the subject, get back, these rappers are too distracted
I'm a human beeeeeing, once it's said I can't retract it
If I said that you're a fat kid, well, are you a fat kid?
Maybe you should get up and at least empty the trash kid
Track Name: Co.Z Boy Swag. Uh. (featuring Licki Ucroj, Ruff & Ty Na$ty)
Pretty boy swaggah, flowing hella slow
Chilling wit my girl, on her archipelago
Soulja might not hear this, but you never know
So it's bout to get Jacked up, where'd the lever go?

Lever 3000, check how clean my sound is
I am so astounded, that you're the first that found this
That's right, you just won a star rapper
But he's ritz, and sorry, thats a cracker 

Getting shit outta my teeth: flossin
Raping on many similar beats: Rick Rossin
Sluts wanting me to suck their teats, cause im awesome
Police trying to catch me too, but I lost em

Smoking green and getting it like a salad while you toss them
Crazy with the words, t's dotted, i's I crossed them
Gettin big, word to Texas, Houston, Dallas, Austin
Going hard, fill my girl with cream, Boston

What's it costin? I might not have the dough
Cause I burned my mommy's bread and now all I got is toast
Plus a Galandenwagen, Maserati and boat
But we only own our consciousness so I ain't trying to gloat

I'm just here to float, get signed, I'm Bad Boy-ant 
You should know the shit that I drop Rocs toilets
"...What?" The rest is just Jack, you don't know me or /getco-z ....homie

Honkey going crazy, someone tell his therapist
His flow is so amazing, his swaggers bound to scare a bitch
They stare a bit, I care a bit, act like I'm not aware of it
I think it's 'cause got a great dick, my chick sharing it

And I ain't like Le Flare a bit or Wacka Flocka Flame
But I'm burr on these beats and I'm not fucking playing
.....I'm saying

No seriously I'm saying
Jack of Co.Z, it's the Ripper, learn my mutherfucking name cuz I'm stayin
Track Name: Ice Cream Co.Z
Ivy league rapper, trying'a get my rhymes on
All up in my notes app, words to my iPhone
Skipping class, they say I'm backwards, criss cross
No homo, but y'all can get your shit tossed

Jack never hold a gat but they told me
Run up in the crackahs city hall and hit the dome piece
Make 'em hate on me cause of moms cash
And my daddy's genes, hotter than a launch pad

After blast off, crackah, rap my ass off track
Back on em, chain smoke em like a pack of
Newports back off ya too poor to rap hard
I don't mean ya lack cash, I just mean you're wack dawg

Yeah, and fuck them other crackahs
1 800 who want it jack attack ya
New Nike dunks won't help you if you're fronting
Careful or they'll split ya, spill ya guts, and call it blunting

Higher than my fucking tax bracket crackah
And you think you're flyer than jack is, crackah?
Like a g6, she said like a g6
I agree, like the mutherfucking Pontiac bitch

But fuck the car I'm driving
Fuck the gats you're packing crackah Jack is here for rhyming
Popping like a hymen, rocking like a diamond
With original timing, while I find them all complying

Simon say's I'm lying, but yo the flow is fire
Lil Wayne and Jigga bite so I go and try it
R E Recyle recite it just like em
I say a Jig verse I thinkin I'm biggin him up not biting

Shit he just burst, the ripper just hit em with some writing
You better go get a camera with some microphones and lighting
And you better set em up right dear, I ain't got all night here
The model only likes Jack and coke, no light beer 135

Jack up in her right ear, coke drip in the throat
And she don't think it's quite fair, they way that I can gloat
I explained it's just a microphone style and some truth
People bump it in their car to rap along and get souped

Mini van sedans coups, pick up trucks, suvs and even crossovers too
The vehicle don't matter, it's the cause I review
If you drive to others hurt others never lovin I'm here judging you cause God's overdue
Buddha says we all suffering, it isn't just you
Violence causes violence, while it helps to be true
Fuck a preechy speech though, I'm Dr Suesse in the booth 205
With some who's, and I'm shittin on em winnie the poo

College residence on loan no homeowner
Get it? Get in girl, you say you go hard, I go boner
Sorry, that's a joke, I'm the shit, so floater
Well if Mary Magdeline's a hoe, then I'm a stoneher

Chillin with a pretty girl, date her pro bono
If I'm pussy whipped, I whip it back no slow mo
"Did Jack just rap that? Whoa what a no no"
Lick it, bitch: fro yo. Get Out, Leave: Jo Jo

Can I kick it? Dojo. Leave a beat Dodo
Hip-it like "fribbit", then I hop-it like Frodo
Exhibit it like MOMA; Mona Lisa looking so/so
Labels haven't heard me yet (keep it on the low though)

Chillin with a froze flow, you can call it ice
I'll be mean to his beats but you can tell ya boy I'm nice
I've got a lot of content hidden deep in what I write
Shit you prolly haven't pondered yet I bet I've thought of thrice

One Two wow who the fuck is on this mic
Check my Facebook page, and you can tell me what you LIKE
Click it
Words can never hurt, these bars are much thicker though
I got the beat stoned, then I stick it

Shit kid, sharper than a fucking thorn thicket
Wiz kid, high on grass hopping like a cricket
Flow could sink a frigate, Co.Z is my business
Hire me, mind your bees, or you can mind this bitch

(I flipped the haters off, I guess you couldn't hear it)
But y'all can get the point a hornet's fucking rear is
If you hear this and hate this you fear this
We both mix our own tracks, mine sound the clearest

Let's be serious, I should be on XM
But I'm too lazy call and impress them
So I'ma pack a bowl a find a muthafucking lighter
And you can hit me up when you need a ghostwriter
Track Name: Back Soon
White Weezy, blowing o's 
Bought a vowel, here with Vanna, no game show 
Happa model–what is that? Light yellow bone? 
While the white girl get us lifted, hella strong
Pointy nose rap jacking caucasian 
Sharp as a short samurai's sword: a-littr-asian 
No reverence, no regret or reservation 
Wreak a rhyme rip a record raw, on vacation
Mr High and Dr Jack, but I got no patients 
For biting I just like allusive writing with citation 
Repeat a Little Wayne line, that's reiteration 
Repetition's the father of learning, but not complacence
Don't just do it, do it know why 
Do or do not, Yoda told me don't try 
So I don't do heroin or speed cause I'd die 
But it's Kush&SnowDay everytime we getting high 
light it up
What you looking for, take a trip to Jack's world 
A lotta of hottie roomates and dealers, I call em Jack's girls 
Plus I got a girlfriend, sorry to the wack girls 
Pussy whipped I whip that pussy back till her back curl
Jack is rap's regina spekter so they don't respect him 
You think my shit is weird? There's a stick up in your rectum 
No sexual connotations, we all correct them 
I got a lot of money but I'm running out of septum
Mic check, hopping on the beat like I'm hipper than the leg bone 
You don't know Jack, kush and snow rap, so phat up in ya head phones 
Do a bit of drugs, have a bit sex, call that shit college 
Spit this fire on the beat mutherfuckers can agree that's knowledge
You can tell ya mommy I'm proud of this, maybe she gon' see me on top soon 
Have a game show for my surrogate mother, American Next Top Womb 
Call my girl, bring the Jack and the coke and I meet me in the back room 
I know it's the name of the song but, we ain't gonna be back soon...
Track Name: Until The Morning
Baby you spring time fresh as you let that summer dress 
Fall off, you know we'll leave the winter comforter a mess 
You were the best, yesterday, and today you were the best again 
Before you hibernate, lemme fly south to nest again
Yeah you know, migrate, a lil bit 
Get in low, vibrate, in the middle of it 
Something like the speakers rock, as you take a seat on top  
I say you're far past scary warm, girl, you're freaking hot
Joke a lil, speaking stops, grinds to a halt 
Bed squeaking, something leaking, lemme find whos at fault 
Just as I thought, it was the lady on the brink of it 
Ice berg, just the tip, untill you make the ship sink in it
In the shower, against the wall, and on the front porch 
Not to mention you're hot enough to keep a blunt torched 
I moved in, might be staying overnight, and that's a warning 
We're just warming up, foreplaying for the morning
So can I stay with you here? 
Can I stay another night, another day, another week, another month, another year? 
So can stay I until the morning? Can I stay with you here? 
Can I stay another night, another day, another week, another month, another year?
I'd love to stay until the morning 
I'd love to stay with you here 
Can I stay another day, can I stay another week 
Can I stay another month, can I stay another year
Or at least until the morning, and then the morning after that 
Cause I love see you waking up on your stomach, rolling over yawning on your back 
Stretching out your arms lady you know you act
Wake up to me hitting bong and you don't give a crap 
Shit we coulda hit it first but I figured I should ask, can I hit it the morning? 
Hunny you'll be moaning 'fore your yawning 
Boning like the bam bam going in 
Make the bed rock, flint stoning 
Hotter than the lava in Hawaii girl I'm flow'n in 
I guess that I'd be magma then, yeah you know I know a bit 
And I'm just trying to impress you, I love that you just go with it 
I'm so with it, pass the pussy if chicks a hoe with it 
I'm the type to pick classy model chick and grow with it 
Both our parents split up due to cheating, and I've done that 
But I'm over immaturity and it won't come back 
I ain't lookin' for a dumb rat fun pack 
Fuck and chick and hand it to your boy like a blunt pass 
My lady ain't a thing for sharing, lending, renting out or fucking loaning 
And I'm hers afternoon, night and in the morning...
Track Name: So Fucked
Oh my...
You should only listen if this song is about ya...
Oh my..
I'm so dirty, you're so fucked 
You thought we'd make it to the bed? We on the sofa 
And I ain't aiming at your head to poke ya throat, nah 
I'm in you legs before we drop the top, roadster
You've wanted to pop up on top of my cock since he finally aproached ya 
And he coulda hit it from miles away but he wanted it closa 
Take it out baby oh good he's a keeper and more than you hoped for 
Now lemme just slam it inside of your clam like your man is supposed to
Hot cock roast her, pop tart toaster 
Pussy so wet, uh yeah, I think we need a coaster 
But I'd never put it down, even if I broke her 
Put you up on top so you can rest and take it slower
Then shove it up rubbing inside 
Make her legs quiver like rubbery things 
Done with the telling her, I love her eyes 
Feel the connection, we ready to ride
So dirty, with incredible speed 
Take it slow make ya moan rev it better than ever deliver whatever you need 
I don't want her getting a uti, so you better go pee 
My dick considers your pussy home, so get him a deed
From here to infinity bee-ond, I'm planning to be 
Slamming that pussy with you on your back and your front and your side and your hands and your knees 
God damn, your strip tease, is too hott 
Fuck you like a thug, what a shocker, Tupac 
Hit you like a drug, roll and rock her, overdose 
Baby her, put her ass to sleep, comatose
Uh I'm so dirty, you're so fucked 
You thought we'd make it to the bed? We on the sofa 
Bring that pussy over here, come closer 
I bet you think this songs about ya, dontcha? Oh my...
Oh my! I'm so dirty, you're so fucked 
You thought we'd make it to the bed? We on the sofa 
Bring that pussy over here, come closer 
I bet you think this songs about ya, dontcha?
I bet you think this songs about ya, dontcha?
And I bet ya you know I wantcha…
Track Name: Who Dat Crackah? (featuring Licki Ucroj)
All you crackahs is my ancestaz 
You couldn't learn what's hip if you cram tested 
Most my black and yellow ladies got your tans bested 
The man's loosing power, thought you had you plans nested
Count your eggs before they hatch, I'ma push em 
All three birds in my hand, so I bush em 
Pause, stop it, seriously Jack 
The raptures still conspiracy, the internet's a trap
But me I got the proof of it, I'm using it to move this shit 
I google up your crew and you and see whats really true with it 
And you can do the same for me which makes me live right 
Meaning I will do anything that I'd admit that I like
And course you need to take what I write with a grain rice 
Meaning that a lot has gone into that muthafuckas life 
The air, dirt, water, all the molecules around it 
The force; it binds us, penetrates, surrounds us
(Pause again) I found this data up at school 
And in movies, and on T.V. and I don't know if true 
'Cause the sky is not blue, white light is every hue 
Shit... I don't even really know if I am not you
Or you are not me, but how could this be 
If we're a team how can we compete for college degrees 
See, I don't see college as a product for me 
I think I'm a product of college, givin' em promo for free
Fuck that, all this music shit I taught myself 
For computer savvyness Google was my only help 
So if theory writings help your dumbass, they're not for me 
I want tools, Universities just got bureaucracy
I want to spread my truths, while I rock a beat 
These theorist got a lot letters fillin up their sheets 
Go and get a real job loser, hit the streets 
Instead of causeing the social trends you think you see
Exotification? You claim I love my girl cause she asain 
That theory is racist and I ain't complacent 
Why would I be white to date her, then switch to black to rap 
These crackah's think I think black when I'm doing that
What? I just think I'm atoms eaten by my mom and dad 
What? You are what you eat and that's an obvious fact 
But faithful wack mutherfuckers go and laugh at that 
Eating shit and that's probably why youre stupid and fat
Woah Jack. Hold back, youre just spewing your thoughts 
You need to write that shit out, or they'll be left lost 
But I'm like fuck it, I'll post all the lyrics online 
So you break up the lines, and try to break in my mind
To summarize, everything we know is repetition 
I know the facts I know and I will search for those I'm missing 
Nothings true, its just right twice or more 
Now I'ma hit up WIkipedia then write some more
Track Name: Whatcha Degree Gon Be?
Now what goes up, must come down
Higher education, I be up at Brown
With a sound kinda a booshie.. What? High class
Why? Cause I'm high in class making art with the ash

Gasp! Lil Wayne does it, and we all on ritolin
ADHD patients sell their adderall to middlemen
The med students need it, they pedal and eat it
Then graduate prescribe it the kids and keep fiending

I went and saw a dean and she told me try meds
Guess the corporations funded like the mutherfucking feds
By pharmicutial dealers, showin they diplomas
But you get locked up if you're dealing the corner

First you gotta pay for some college, lots of school
Society requires a degree, knowledge optional
But is it really possible for me to be a savior?
Rapper slash college graduate double major

Whatcha Degree Gon Be? (UHOH)
Man I don't need no muthafuggin degree (SHIIIITTT)
All I need is the track in the background
My headphones blaring, with a blunt going round and I'ma Rip it

Whatcha Degree Gon Be? (UHOH)
Man I don't need no muthafuggin degree (SHIIIITTT)
You hear the track, this is Jack in the background
Keeping speakers blaring, spin the record around and I'm the Ripper

It's a hard knock life for us
College can't teach me how to write a good chorus
So I study rappers and performers
Steroids ain't good enough, I'm tryinga get a enormous

No one ever warns us, you're paying for the classes
Graduate and you become a product and a asset
But you gunna need a little bit of paper to be passing
They're souped on themselves and we all keep gassing

You can give n F to me, I don't give a fuck
If you're students keep failing, the teacher must suck
I need an incentive, a letter grade is not this
Kicked outta recording class before I could drop it

Thinking that you're hot shit, I got a hundred tracks
While they got one song with some beeps and some claps
Off beat on some Dub Step crap, get a metronome
Or you can get a music degree, and be left at home

Whatcha Degree Gon Be? (UHOH)
Man I don't need no muthafuggin degree (SHIIIITTT)
All I need is the track in the background
My headphones blaring, with a blunt going round and I'ma Rip it

Whatcha Degree Gon Be? (UHOH)
Man I don't need no muthafuggin degree (SHIIIITTT)
You hear the track, this is Jack in the background
Keeping speakers blaring, spin the record around and I'm the Ripper

I walk into class, late cause I'm high
The professor can't fix his laptop, so it's fine
"Jack can you help?" You must be fucking joking
I'll teach you some shit then I'm going back and smoking

So I can write a song, then record it, and mix it
The written words an old way to learn, we should fix it
Fuck a term paper, I'm on beat and rhyming
Kids hate your lecture, ya better step up your timing

Old dead white dudes teaching me theory
My black friends explain crackahs just don't see it clearly
So I'm in the ivy league trying to break it down
It's the same classicism that has always been around

I judge you by your talents, I judge you by your merits
Fuck you letter grades, ya last name and ya therpist
Show me your portfolio, a GPA is crap
Me? I'm just getting a degree to diss it in my raps
Jack Ripper ,

Whatcha Degree Gon Be? (UHOH)
Man I don't need no muthafuggin degree (SHIIIITTT)
All I need is the track in the background
My headphones blaring, with a blunt going round and I'ma Rip it

Whatcha Degree Gon Be? (UHOH)
Man I don't need no muthafuggin degree (SHIIIITTT)
You hear the track, this is Jack in the background
Keeping speakers blaring, spin the record around and I'm the Ripper